AW22 styling is the combination of aspects of heritage tailoring and modern leisure garments, going into a more versatile and seasonless dressing.Andreu Barcelona's design team studies and develops each trend, taking care of every last detail.

We take advantage of all our tradition to grow and develop all our products following a common thread. Our strongest point is precisely this, that there is a coordination between products and accessories that makes our collection complete at 360º.


At Andreu we were sustainable long before sustainability was mentioned: our main raw materials (silk, wool, linen, cotton) have always been of organic origin, therefore sustainable and without generating waste. All product families have quality options available with certified sustainability and circular economy criteria.

Comfy & Basics

We have enhanced the part of the collection that reflects the orientation towards comfort of use, conceptual and chromatic simplicity and timelessness.


During the last seasons, we have promoted new product lines that allow us to offer a complete portfolio of accessories for men. The socks collection is now fully consolidated, and this season we have given an extra boost to hats, caps, swimsuits and underwear.


The collection is entirely digitized and we can make agile presentations remotely. Rendering tools have been enhanced to accurately anticipate end results, from the very beginning of product development.

Soon, we will have available our new and exclusive tool “Digital Customer Journey” that will allow our clients to have the complete track of their collections, from the beginning of the collection development, the pre-selection and customization phases and until the completion of productions. We will integrate the complet journey digitally on a web platform. To work as a team in an effortless, more agile way.